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Inflation, often portrayed as the invisible thief, can have profound effects on a country’s economic health and the well-being of its citizens. In the case of Ethiopia, this is no different. With an annual inflation rate sitting at 33.5% as of April 2023, the country is grappling with the adverse impacts of this economic phenomenon […]

Burgeoning Population

Ethiopia, the second most populous country in Africa, is experiencing a significant population boom. As of 2023, the nation’s population is estimated to be around 120 million, a figure that has doubled in just three decades. This rapid population growth presents both challenges and opportunities for the country’s development. The Challenges 1. Resource Scarcity With […]

Mining Industry

Ethiopia, a country rich in history and culture, is also a land of vast untapped mineral resources. The mining sector, once overlooked, is now experiencing a significant resurgence. This post will delve into the potential of Ethiopia’s burgeoning mining industry, highlighting the opportunities it presents and the challenges it faces. Ethiopia’s Mineral Wealth Ethiopia is […]

Food Security

The food security situation in Ethiopia is currently severe, with the country facing some of the worst levels of food insecurity globally. This crisis is driven by prolonged drought, ongoing insecurity, and numerous other challenges including displacement due to conflict, floods, and disease outbreaks. Current situation The drought has resulted in failed crops and livestock […]

Economic Recovery

As Ethiopia emerges from the throes of conflict, the country stands at a crossroads. The path towards recovery from war is fraught with challenges, but Ethiopia’s robust agricultural sector, expanding industrial base, and growing services sector provide a foundation for economic rejuvenation. The key question is: how can Ethiopia leverage these assets and foster sustainable […]